ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant in India with Latest Surgical Protocols

It has now become easy to get ABO incompatible kidney transplant in India. Previously this kind of transplant was not there in medical science but due to continuous researches made by surgeons of India now this kind of transplant has become possible in urology hospitals of India. In India the total cost of ABO incompatible kidney transplant in India is very affordable to the pocket of international patients.

Few years before, kidney transplant could be performed only if the receiver and the donor belonged to the same blood groups. Kidney transplantation is done as the final solution for renal disease. There is a severe scarcity of kidney donors significantly limiting the prospects of the treatment. ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant is a revolutionary surgical way to overcome the shortage of kidney donors, immunologic barriers are now not to be considered as absolute contraindications to kidney transplants.
Kidney transplant in ABO blood group is expanding the pool of donors, and making transplantable organs increasingly available, eventually reducing the prolonged time that is consumed on the waiting list for a donor. ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation is being done with care with a better understanding of related immunologic mechanisms and effective ways to control it.

ABO incompatible kidney transplant is a kind of transplant in which the blood group of the patient and the kidney donor are different. Till now, the only alternative was to identify same recipient-donor transplant pairs having compatible blood groups. But ABO incompatible kidney transplant has now become possible between some living kidney donors and patients. This is considerably reducing the waiting time for some patients who are waiting for a transplant.

Before and after a kidney transplant, a surgery is done to lower the level of antibodies in the blood and to decrease the risk of donor kidney rejection. This treatment involves a procedure of removing anti-bodies from the blood), then injecting antibodies into the body of the patient to protect him from infections and prescribing certain medications that may protect the new kidney from antibodies. The key factor for a successful incompatible kidney transplant is preventing kidney rejection and doing accommodation of kidney in the body as early as possible.

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