Canadian Patient’s Testimonial Story of Losing Weight Through Affordable Obesity Surgery in India

Before I had my obesity surgery in India I did a lot of research and made contact with a lot of people that included weight loss specialists, general physicians and dieticians. When I met Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani from Forerunners Healthcare group (Email — ). I immediately knew that he was the right choice for me. He was a knowledgeable personality. He had adequate experience. Dr. Bojwani immediately understood my medical case and sensed what I was going through. He immediately forwarded my case to a bariatric surgeon associated with him in India. The surgeon took 3 days time to study my case and recommended me to get a gastric by pass surgery at his weight loss clinic in Nagpur. Here the cost of surgery was quite affordable I couldn’t have found such an affordable cost weight loss option in Canada, USA or the UK.

I was very close to my family and shared all professional and personal things with my family member. In fact I was struggling for most of my life with my weight. I had been facing ups and downs taking off pounds and putting them back on. In the middle of my forties I had reached a stage where I knew that I had to do something with my excess body weight . Even more than that I knew that I was facing some serious health issue concerning my weight with some co-morbidities like diabetes and high blood pressure.

But this didn’t mean that I had any fear from getting the surgery. The doctors of Forerunners Healthcare team and Dr. Bojwani encouraged me by discussing the advantages, complications and precautions concerned with gastric bypass procedure. The entire medical team was so understanding and caring.

I underwent obesity surgery at Nagpur clinic one week apart from each other in the end of 2013 and I didn’t face any problems after the surgery. Dr. Bojwani came in to check my health multiple times at the clinic. He called me even on the phone to know about my health after my return to Ottawa. I have never seen a doctor and health consultant like Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. The level and standard of healthcare provided by the team of Forerunners Healthcare (Ph. No. +91–9371136499 ) was amazing.

Six months after undergoing weight loss surgery in India I was able to shed off 85 pounds and I felt so relieved. I don’t have to wear the plus size anymore. My life has completely changed for the best. I have adopted a balanced diet plus, I go to gym every morning to maintain my weight loss benefit. Now my friends compliment me by saying “Jim you look great”. All this has become possible through the lucrative healthcare services provided by Dr. Bojwani and his team of Forerunners Healthcare ( ) . I will personally recommend this team to everybody who wants to get personalized medical care at an affordable price budget.
Jim Parker

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