(Don’t ) Experience it in IMAX

More IMAX movies released this Summer and not enough IMAX houses to go around

May is usually the month that kicks off the Summer movie slate in hopes for big box office numbers or staking a weekend to claim they’re No. 1…for maybe five days. Big, tent pole movies have shorter lifespans in theaters this time which affects the moviegoer experience. One example is seeing the number of movies that want you to experience it in IMAX only to realize you can’t because there’s just not enough IMAX houses for movie watchers to truly enjoy the experience.

The upcoming “Alien: Covenant” is one film that is available on IMAX but if you were to find the IMAX showing at your favorite theater, chances are they are only showing it in 2D because the IMAX theater is still showing “Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2" which will likely make room for the new “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. You’re lucky if they are showing it in RealD.

Sadly, this created a terrible Sophie’s Choice among theater owners. Should they only have “Alien: Covenant” on IMAX run for one week where it will ultimately be replaced by “Pirates…”? Or just show the 2D Digital and hope it gets fans to still watch it even though you know there’s a better quality format version out there but not in your favorite IMAX theater?

It’s supply and demand. We know movies & theaters are experiencing lower box office takes because we have become consumers of HD. If there was one IMAX multiplex that has at least 5 IMAX houses inside, I would not be surprised if people flocked to it because they expect -and pay- for a great experience. High quality viewing, leather seats, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and real meal choices is all part of the modern theater experience. Isn’t it time for IMAX to consider building an IMAX multiplex? We’re ready for an elevated movie experience so why not?

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