Exun e-Lite Programming Round 2 Instructions

Congratulations! You qualified for the semi — finals!

You all now have around 5 days to learn a programming language, if you don’t know one already. We recommend you start with either C++ or Python, but C and Java work as well. Here are some tutorials to get you started:

C++: Do this course till Module 4 (inclusive).
Python: Do this one till Module 10 (inclusive).
Once you’re done learning these, head over to the HackerRank, create an account, and do at least the Warm — Up exercise. Any others are a bonus.

If you still have time, learn elementary topics like Binary Search and sorting a number.

Of course, if you’re stuck, message our FB page or mail us at elite2017@exunclan.com. We’ll help you out.

Update: You can code in online editors like ideone.com to code online and then save your work locally. If you want to keep it local, use IDEs like Code::Blocks for C/C++, IDLE for Python and IntelliJ for Java.

Good Luck!

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