How CRAs Can Advise PIs & Coordinators to Use Videos to Increase Randomizations

Patient referrals in clinical trials can go unresponsive due to different reasons. It is important to figure out why they are dropping off and becoming hard to reach. Now, before you continue communicating with patients through emails and phone calls, here are the different phases and possible reasons people may not be responding:

— If they are Interested: They got busy and forgot

— If they are Considering: The follow-up wasn’t fast or frequently enough or don’t know where to start

— Now, if they are Deciding: They’re considering other trials or research sites

To solve this situation, you can review cold referrals and contacts you’ve closed like this:

  • Look at every conversational touch points.
  • Know how long it’s been since the last contact.
  • Review the notes from previous conversations in detail.

While this may take a bit of work, you should be able to see patterns between what actions are leading to referrals going cold and which ones are leading to randomizations.

Breaking The Busy

There are many questions shared among first-time research patients. Those same questions can discourage patients from enrolling in trials because they’re not familiar with them. These can also be questions patients may not ask. Yet, if you proactively answer them, you’ll avoid their objections before they happen and increase the chances of participation.

This is why creating a video with the Frequently Asked Questions and sending it to your patients can help tremendously. Not only will that capture the patient’s attention right away but it will save your staff dozens of hours of answering these questions.

This way, you have the personal touch of being on the video and potentially being the person they see in the office as well! Many research sites around the nation have adopted video production in their patient recruitment strategy, so should you!

Faster Follow-ups

At TrialJoin we have learned from over 200,000 patients that the ones being followed-up within the first 24-hours usually have five times the chance of being reached. As a result, it multiplies your chance of additional randomizations. This point should be taken into account when using digital patient recruitment methods.

After they signed up you may want to send a video voicemail to your patients. This can be a customized video via text message, email or both! You can even do this as a friendly follow-up after an initial contact that went well, just to remind the patient that you’re there for him.

Why should you send a video instead of a regular email? So glad you asked! Video voicemails encourage action more than voice calls and even image-heavy emails. In fact, when Wistia tested video in sales emails, they found the presence of a video thumbnail increased click-through rates by at least 25%.

Pretty cool, huh?

Introducing the Clinic

As a patient, you may not know anything about clinical research or the staff at a specific practice. This can lead to a dark place filled with expectations and anxiety. However, if your medical team has a welcoming and friendly attitude it will make the experience better for all patients.

People fear the unknown, so make the process and the people behind clinical research known to everyone so they understand and come back!

In the software world, we do this through onboarding, by sending a series of emails to patients in order to familiarize them with the team and the software’s features.

If you want to showcase your clinic, introductory videos are especially helpful because you can maintain face-to-face interaction. Even a recording may suffice sometimes, while still showcasing your practice, staff, and office.

But, it’s not enough to simply make these videos. You also have to make sure you’re sending them in a timely manner — benefiting your team in the short term, and creating a resource for your customer to watch over and over again when it’s convenient for them.

While the process of creating videos can be daunting — given the many other tasks you have going on at your practice — TrialJoin can lend a hand in creating these videos for you. We can also our premade videos which can be an affordable alternative. We look for ways to minimize your time expenditures as well as saving you money! Reach out to me on LinkedIn and we can chat more about setting it up.