LOVE is not Grey!

LOVE is not grey.

Love! the most common but confusing phenomenon exists in this complex world. Actually, Love as a concept is cliché.

It has been twenty years since i landed on this planet and I’m not sure what it is.

Sometimes it’s about people, sometimes about a possession or about anything we see.

We see million of things every day, meet hundreds of people and fall for many of them. Should we call it love? Certainly not. So the question exists is, what is love?

Some say its infatuation, maybe it’s true, but why we forget many of them and still remember a single face. A face in the crowd that gave you chills. Love doesn’t come in packages also we don’t have a device to measure it.

Then how can we say I love you more or I love you but not as much as I love him/her.

It’s not grey!

If you love anyone tell them you do. There is no in between. It’s just about making things clear back in your mind, either you do or not because, your love is Black or White but not GREY.

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