As part of my MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, I enrolled in a Leadership development certificate program. I got to work with an amazing Leadership Coach (Laura Maxwell) who helped me on my journey of “overcoming my fear of failure”. As part of the program, I had to share my story with the dean, professors and the leadership development center at CMU. I wanted to share that story with all of you!

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My story starts in my childhood. Growing up in India there has always been the expectations that everyone gets good scores in tests and succeeds in any initiative they take part in. This is very common in India and a lot of the Asian countries. For a lot of people growing up in India this gets ingrained in your brains from a very young age. As I grew up this had become natural for me to navigate towards opportunities where I had a higher chance of success and ignore opportunities where I might fail. …

Most people when asked “do you want to receive constructive feedback?” would answer “Yes!” but when asked “how often do you provide constructive feedback?” the answer is “not that often!”.

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How does a “growth oriented feedback” interaction look like?

Tom: Hello Harry! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today about “topic X”. Also, I am working on <<insert your growth area here>> [for instance: “conveying my thoughts in a concise manner”] and I would greatly appreciate if you can provide me some feedback at the end of this meeting on how I did. If you can give me some examples of times when I did convey my thoughts concisely, when I rambled on and tried to explain the same thing multiple times in different ways etc. …


Anand Gurumurthi

Software Engineering Manager at Salesforce, MBA graduate from Carnegie Mellon University

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