Top 10 Charity Fundraising Ideas For The Workplace

You might recall, from your school days, some of the fun charity events your school would run to raise funds for supplies, a charity, or for a community goal. Many businesses will often run charity events and fundraisers for special causes in the community, to raise awareness, or to raise funds for a cause that is important to them. These fundraisers can be a corporate-wide event or organized by a small group in the workplace. It’s a great way to make a difference in the community and makes a great morale booster in the workplace.

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If you’ve ever been given the task of organizing such an event, you know just how much effort goes into planning one. There are so many charities to choose from and a number of ways to run events that trying to decide which corporate charity ideas are best can feel overwhelming. Taking this task on doesn’t have to be a hassle, however, and there are a number of charity fundraising ideas in the workplace that are simple, less costly, and that can be quite fun when you get down to it.

We’ve looked at a number of charity event ideas for work and have spoken to the businesses who have run them. It’s allowed us to come up with the top 10 fundraising ideas for the workplace that are easy to organize.

Before we share these awesome fundraising ideas, let’s look at some tips for making that event a success. As you know, fundraisers are designed to bring awareness, sponsors, and of course funds. Fundraising events can be a quick way to do all of the above. There are a few key steps that you need to take, however, in order for your event in the workplace to be a success.

Core Purpose

This is the most important part, choosing a charity and the fundraiser’s core purpose. Are you just looking to raise funds, or are you wanting to raise awareness and bring in new supporters? Or perhaps its to raise awareness about a specific issue. Many fundraising events do all of the above. Being clear on the core purpose of the fundraiser will help you create ideas that are best matched to the cause.


The best way to get some good charity event ideas for work is to bring in people who support the cause and brainstorm with them. Charity stakeholders can often give you valuable insight and will want to back the event to make it a success.

Look at the Market

It can sometimes help to have a look at the other events that are already out there. This can help you see which are more popular and you can gain some great tips and insight from those fundraisers that have done well. Also, try envisioning the event itself as if you were a participant and ask participants what they would like to see, or what concerns they have for the event. This way you can iron out any would be problems before the event takes place, such as who will be handling booths, challenges, and raffles for example.

Set the Date and Place

This is very important in order to allow maximum participation for your workplace fundraiser. Depending on the date and time frame you have to run the event can determine what type of event will work best. See how many colleagues are available to participate. If you know you will have everyone at work on a Friday for example, you may want to do a charity dress down day for the office. If you have a weekend where many are available, then you may go for a charity picnic. You also want to make sure the event is easy for your workmates to get to.

Create a Launch Plan

Now its time to build your action plan. Gather together a team and assign tasks and a schedule for getting things done. Then decide on how you are going to get the word out about your fundraising event. Make the run-up to the event interesting and fun!

Tip: Ask local shops, businesses, or even managers and co-workers to donate prizes. It helps bring some fun competition to your ideas and an added thank you for those participating.

The Big Idea

You have the event, you have the team, the time and place. Now you need the big idea for your fundraiser, the main event. This is where our top 10 fundraising ideas come in. These simple, fun, and low-cost fundraising ideas can help your event be a success.

Charity Fundraising Ideas In The Workplace

There are many ideas and different takes on these to try. We’ve chosen the ideas that are low-cost fundraising ideas that are really easy to organize and are fun to take part in. You can combine some of these ideas for larger events to bring in even more donations to your cause. Workplace fundraisers are a great means of team building and camaraderie as well.

Small Change/Penny Jar

This is a really simple way to raise money that doesn’t need a lot of planning or organizing. Set up a large jar in a high traffic area of your office, then let people know what the fundraiser is for. Co-workers and clients alike can add their pocket change to support the cause.

While not as fast as a charity event day, this is a good fundraising idea if you have time to build up the funds.

Fun Run For Charity

A fun run can be a great way to get everyone out of the office and doing something healthy. Those who participate in the run/walk can sign-up sponsors to support them, for example, 50 cents per mile covered. Or each participant an create their own funding page with a target of what they would like to raise.

Make sure you include categories for all fitness levels, from running to walking, allowing more people to participate. Each member of the company’s running/walking team can collect their own donations from family and friends, which widens the circle of supporters.

Barter & Trade Fair

The way these idea works is that coworkers bring items in to trade. The way you raise funds for your event is by charging an entry fee for those who want to take part. Or you could charge a small fee for each item being brought in for trading. To raise even more funds you could have a concession stand to sell snacks and drinks during the event.

The best part about this idea is that it can be as big or small as you want it to be, and can last a day or run over the work week.

Fundraising Raffle

Of all of the charity fundraising ideas in the workplace, raffles are a tried and true way to raise money for causes. People can donate prizes to be won, which can include things like a paid day or week off, gift baskets, wine, or even a free trip to a spa. See if coworkers have skills they can donate, or know people in the community who will donate a service as a prize.

Those who want to enter the raffle pay for a strip of raffles tickets and, of course, the more tickets you buy, the bigger your chances of winning a prize. These are great when held on a charity picnic or barbecue.

Office Scavenger Hunt

This idea is fun and gets people away from their desks and working as a team. Those who wish to participate make a donation and you can create different teams, with the winning team receiving a prize at the end, like a free lunch or pizza party. Hand out clues to the participants and let them hunt around the office.

Office Cook-Off

There are a few ways this idea can be done, and it works well for outdoor events. You can set cooking categories, such as chili or baked goods. An entry fee is charged and people can taste the dishes on offer, or people can donate to their favorite grill master. For specific categories, a cook-off can be done where the best of that category wins a prize. It’s also a great way for co-workers to share and swap recipes.

Company Sports Day

Many of us have participated in a school sports day, so why not have one for the office. Activities can be anything from a three-legged race to seeing who can throw a football the furthest. An entry fee can be charged to raise money and people can donate towards their favorite athlete. This can also be combined with other events, such as the cook-off, for events that run all day.

Office Dress Down Day

Dress down days are easy and loved by those work in offices with strict dress codes. Who doesn’t love being able to come to work in jeans and a t-shirt for a day? Anyone who wants to come to work in casual dress donates towards the chosen cause.

A twist on this idea is a fancy dress day. Have coworkers donate to come to work in a costume. You can even have a judging event at the end of the day for best costume. The prize can be something simple like a free lunch or day off.

Gift Wrapping Charity Event

This is a good choice for around the holidays to get everyone in the spirit. Not everyone loves gift wrapping, so get those colleagues who are crafty with the paper and bows and set up a day where anyone can bring in gifts to be wrapped by them. A donation or price can be set per item wrapped.

Put a twist on this idea by adding stocking stuffing duties or holiday card writing to the mix. The holidays can be a hectic time for many so you’ll not only be raising money for your cause, you’ll be saving the sanity of some of your co-workers!

Skill Swapping

This one can work one of two ways. You can have coworkers volunteer themselves as an assistant for the day. Other coworkers pay a fee to have that person help them get some work done. Another way to do this is to have coworkers with skills outside of the office offer their expertise for a donation. You may have someone in the office who is a great organizer who can come over and organize your closets. Or perhaps you want some socks knitted by a wool crafty coworker. The ideas are endless!

These are but a few of the charity fundraising ideas in the workplace that one can try out. Perhaps you can give a new twist to one of these awesome fundraising ideas. In the end, it’s about having fun and raising money and awareness for a good cause.

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