What Kind Of Fun Games In Office On Fridays Can You Try?

Playing fun games in office on Fridays for about 5 minutes can help break up the day, ease stress, and help remove creative blocks. It lets employees be themselves for a bit.

The work week can be really stressful. By the time everyone gets to Friday, they just want to be able to turn that stress down a notch. Having a bit of fun in the workplace can actually be beneficial.

The main goal of fun workplace activities is to not only reduce stress but to promote fun team building activities for adults. Many corporate offices have implemented things like a dress down Friday or a relaxed atmosphere. There are a lot of fun workplace activities that can be done indoor and outdoor too.

Team building activities for adults at work have other benefits too.

· Brings individuals together to foster a work culture of motivation and collaboration.

· Helps employees to contribute more through problem solving and decision making.

· Let’s employees get to know each other better, which encourages meaningful communication.

· Can help employees think outside of the box.

· Creates an atmosphere that will enhance productivity.

· Boosts employee morale.

· Simple games keep those creative juices flowing and can recharge employees during the day.

· All of the insights learned from team building games can be used to solve issues in the workplace.

Indoor Team Building Activities for Employees

Since most of your work takes place in the office, we’ll first have a look at fun games in the office on Fridays.

Story Telling

For this game, you need two teams. It helps teams use their creative juices together.

On separate pieces of paper, write different words, fold them and place them in a bowl. Each team has to choose 5 or more pieces of paper from the bowl. Once each team has their words, they have 5 minutes to use these words and come up with a story. When 5 minutes is up, each team tells their story and the best story wins.

Penny for Your Thoughts

This is a game that focuses on employees being able to open up and have fluid conversations. So, help build a more comfortable atmosphere and loosen people up, this is a good icebreaker.

You need to collect coins that have a year printed on them to start. The year can be dated no older than your youngest employee though. All of the coins are put in a jar and each person draws one coin. Going by the year on the coin they have chosen, each person shares something memorable or significant that happened to them during that year.

Treasure Hunt

This is one of the more fun workplace activities and gets people out of their chairs and away from their desks for a break.

Divide employees into 2 teams. Each team is given s sheet of paper with a list of objects around the office they need to find. Set a timer for 2 to 5 minutes and let each team lose to search for their objects. Once the timer stops, the team who has found the most objects on their list wins.

Drawing Blind

This activity promotes both communication and listening skills among team members.

2 players are sat back to back. One is given a word or objects that they have to describe to the other player, who is given a pencil and pad. The trick here is that they aren’t allowed to use any word that will give the image away. Using the clues given by their teammate, the other person has to draw what they are describing.

For example, if the word is “house”, the player describing it can’t say “it has windows”. Instead, they would say something like “A large rectangle (house), small squares inside the rectangle (windows), etc.

The purpose is to see how well people communicate and use their imaginations.


Not all games need to be team-building exercises. It’s OK to have a bit of creative fun to lighten the atmosphere.

Most workplaces have a whiteboard. The idea of this activity is to have someone draw a large inkblot shape on the whiteboard and then let co-workers write an interpretation of what they see.

Office Bingo

This is a great game for using during a meeting to make them less tedious. Bingo cards are passed out with each box containing common habits or traits of the people attending the meeting, like XXX spills water, or XXX interrupts. Each time one of these things is carried out by that person it gets marked off on the bingo card. Whoever crosses out five in a row (diagonal, vertical, or horizontal) yells BINGO and wins.

An alternative to this is to write down “buzzwords” that get overused in the office.

Whoose the Baby

This is a fun way to get to know more about your co-workers. Those who are participating need to bring in a childhood picture of them. Whoever is collecting the pictures will attach these randomly to a bulletin or whiteboard. Under each image should be a few blank cards. Employees need to write down the name of who they think the picture is.

Intranet Scavenger Hunt

Most companies have their own intranet for employees to use, but still have employees that aren’t familiar with it. This is a good one for newcomers as well.

Create a sheet with questions where you need to fill in the blanks that are related to some area of the intranet. It can be questions about the companies’ mission statement, where to find the FAQ section or anything else you can think of. The point is to get employees searching through the company intranet for familiarity. The first to complete their worksheet could win a free lunch of coffee.

There is really no end to the amount of corporate team building activities ideas that you can utilize in the workplace. Playing fun games in the office on Fridays should be engaging and test your employees’ skills a bit too. Remember, you want to keep it fun, not have it feel like more work.

Many games can be used to break up parts of the day that are boring, like meetings or group’s sessions. This encourages employees to take part and pay attention. A relaxed and happy employee is a productive one.

CEO of Star Infranet and founder of its parent company Tathastu Information Technology, Anand Mishra is a well-known name in IT industry. https://goo.gl/Px71Ub

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