Experience of delivering many products from idea to final release, deployment and adoption

twitter: @aprakash

Specialty: Getting things done!

1. Built Droptalk which was acquired by Dropbox. Droptalk is a great way to have conversations around content.
2. Built the biggest social network from India (SMS Gupshup) — took it from my weekend project to 35million users.
3. Engineering, Product and BizDev for launching a telecom product in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and India. Launched Pilots in Singapore, Bahrain and Sri Lanka.
4. Managed the backend for LinkedIn’s mobile apps for an year.
5. Managed a project which allowed people to build Opensocial apps for LinkedIn groups.
6. Crawled a billion pages and built a distributed file system to store them. Worked on SPAM detection and ranking of the crawled pages. Part of 5 member team which built the 3rd best search engine in the world in 2005.
7. Built an app store for J2ME phones.

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