The Trumph

A critical analysis.

We are the champions!

The world around us is scary. Looking through the pieces of glass that we carry we have reverted to a primitive state. News everyday triggers fight or flight responses. These are caused when we look at destruction in Syria, or other acts causing us to have a sub-conscious reaction. Such grief would not have to be endured by our ancestors in a life time. Hence in my view we suffer from such anxiety and worry ever waking moment of the day. We yearn to be nestled by a strong powerful leader. An almost other worldly being.

Truth is repetition. Said the parrot!

Past and present of the human experience is repetition. Repeat is sufficient number of times and you have an unquestioning army of believers. Repeat the phrase “we never went to the moon” and you will find a million who will agree. For some reason the more that agree the more ingrained the new Truth is. Social media is the new prefrontal cortex in a new stage of human evolution. This new addition keeps suggesting more articles, videos and like minded individuals to help cement what we want to believe. A man stands out today in the war on the prevailing truth. For him Obama was not Native, America is for the White. And the Muslims according to him are unknown percentile of threat. It is the truth? Who is right and who is wrong is really up for grabs. As has been with history it has been tailored to meet the needs to men. Strong men.

Flexible like copper, Shiney like Gold

The commoner wants to hear the leader speak their tongue. The leader today can barely be understood when they speak. And then there is Trump. His third grade grammar and unfinished sentences leave those listening in trance. Democracy after all has its defects. But not speaking to those who are listening plays into this weakness. For decades the leader has been speaking geography and statistics. And who will explain to them why there been no salary increases in ages. Why have jobs been lost to the Chinese. Why has government not cared when jobs were lost at the local mine. There are no answers for the simple questions that the masses have.

Trump has all the right answers though. Mexicans and minorities are trouble. Terrorism equals Muslims he says. He will fix everything. After all look he is rich. His towering ego should mean he is successful. He can say different things at different rallies and yet says the same thing. He says what you want to hear. It’s almost like folks understand the lies that need to be told to get elected. But think that what he is telling them is what he believes. Hence the fact that he gets away with so many flip flops.

To end I think there have been Trumps in the past and will be in the future. Ronald Regan was one, Winston Churchill was another. They scared us, got our attention at difficult times. Built a cult following. At the end they let the actual governance be managed by able technocrats(thank god for that). These are ego maniacs who want to leave a mark on history. A footnote in time if you ask me.