Have You Say Thank you to Rain? Starting Now, You Should

There is nothing more peaceful than ASMR of Rain


Imagine, when rain is coming and it’s your day off, relieve all of your stress on the bed, with the warm blanket, and beverage, and friendly friend book

Did you ever say thank you to rain that come to your stressful life? Ask us to stop awhile and take a break before making a big decision.

Actually, when the rain season come,we are human being too much lazy to take off our butts to move towards our activities. We could help that.

Do what you fall into with. Passion, or hobby. Work with the natural rain voice could energize your mind and be better to productive.

You can do like writing, write down your journal, make a creative content or etc.

Rain bring the peaceful mindset and clear our path, so you can thinking 2x effective and you will get a lot inspiration until you say “alright, stop is enough”

People always think that raining is the worst thing in life. “ i can’t do my laundry” “my shoes getting wet cause of rain.”, well then now you realize how rain very important in life.

So that’s why, i asking you that question.

Have you say thank you to rain?