Pink — A tale of our times..

Arvind always wanted her. Laxmi, the name she answered to. Some used other names, sometimes in awe, sometimes disparagingly.

School and College life went by. Her company was fleeting and every moment with her cherished.

Someday he would have more of her, Arvind promised himself. ‘Let me graduate.’ He did.

She completed him. Together they went places. The times were good.

With her, Arvind was a new man. Changed habits.

Her cousins came into his life every now and then. ‘ Sali bhi toh adhi gharwali hoti hai’ , his friends quipped. ‘Maal hi toh hai’ they said.

A philosophical Arvind agreed. Especially during ‘those days of the month’. And these few days happened every month. Not that he wondered why? Her cousins were always there.

And then suddenly a man who was seemingly peripheral to his relationship with Laxmi made his presence felt. So far he was a distant figure, Arvind read of him being often away from India. He now had something important to say.

And then it all changed.

Arvind spent hours just to reach her. Often to be disappointed.

The need turned to lust. Desperation.

Her cousins offered succour, but the emotion was missing. Just having her with him was the real thing. In hand.

Her being with him made him the changed man he was. Mounting pressure at work did not help. Days went by. Futile attempts went by.

After long hours of an agonizing wait, a buzz alerted him to her being there. He grinned in anticipation

She emerged in all her glory.

“Why pink!!??” he muttered as he held the new 2000 rupee note

Collected the ATM slip and walked out.