SEV USAD — #Vadodara’s Specialty

Popularly served in every restaurant, college canteens or on the one sided-road laari’s in every corner of the city, basically gravy made of dry peas, topped with sev/ghathia and exotic chutneys. Really hot and spicy with oil floating on top of the katori (bowl), topped with raw onions and sev served with a slice of bread to sop up all the heavenly gravy.

Easy to make, healthy as well. High in Vitamin A, B, C, Fiber and Protein, also low in fat and Cholesterol.

I feel it is difficult to go wrong with this dish as the peas have a unique taste and with all the spices and flavors that go into it, the most mouthwatering chaat ever!
 “SEV USAD”!! The Charm of Vadodara.

Now if you feed it to me 7 days a week I would not complain! :P

Small tribute to the famous “Mahakali’s Sev-Usad”.
 #A big thanks to my dear friend Mr. MUKESH SHARMA for making me taste the most historical dish ever :)

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