10 Worse Things Happens When You Left the Current Job Without Next Offer

This is a very worse situation when you left a current job without having the next offer in hand.

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What you face after leaving a current job without having the next offer in hand.


Parents and other family members start asking you what are you doing nowadays?

Why you left the job?

How will you manage your daily expenses? You have so many responsibilities.


When you go to search for the new job, the companies HR will show you so many attitudes and if anyhow they know your condition they will start using you and ask for 2-year bond.


Suddenly, you will see you have no calls from any company or consultancy firm for the job. Your job portal profile has so many job notification but no job suits you.


You will observe that people will start ignoring you on different topics and even your previous colleague will don’t pick up your calls.


You will feel alone, hopeless, and unhappy.


You will ask your friends and previous colleague for any openings but they will also reply you “no” with a personal touch.


You will start thinking that I should not leave my job. I have so many facilities over there. You will count all the advantages of the previous job but you will not count any disadvantages. This is the human behavior.


You will think to call your previous boss for the job but one time you will think this is against my self-respect. If anyhow you will call your previous boss, he or she will disgrace you first then after so many requests they will reply you we will think over it.


Then you will start praying for the job. That time you have no conditions for getting any job. You like to adjust to any type of job.


At last, you get a call from new company HR they offer you a job with a little bit less salary, 6 days working sometime 7 days including night shift, salary on 10th of the month which is not confirmed.

So, this is how you face problems after leaving the current job without next job offer.

My Advice

Always keep a next job offer with yourself before leaving current job.

Dream for Big but never exploit your dream with the wrong decision.

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