Case Study 1: Grofers — Assignment

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The biggest hurdle I see is the maintenance of the product quality of perishable items supplied by the small and medium kirana’s. There is no direct control from the Grofers on the supplies made by these shops.

Solutions: Grofers need to also supply chain management to supply the products to small and medium stores. So that the product delivered by their supplier will consistence in the quality. There should be return options if the quality is not satisfactory. There should be penalty clause if the customer is not satisfied with delivered product.

Also I see the problem in maintenance of all the products by small and medium Kirana’s. If all the items are not available within the one unit, then Grofers executives need to run around more than one shop.

Solutions: There should be a clause to maintain minimum products by the supplier, to match at least 80% of the products required in the market.

It would be challenge to maintain the Price consistency within all the suppliers. Each supplier may have their own prices. It would be difficult to compete with other suppliers like BigBasket, as they have their own supply chain management.

Solutions: Need to have Grofers standard price list for all the products.

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