Apple Watch Series 3 (WatchOS 4)

On 12th of September, Apple introduces watchOS 4 with extraordinary features and interfaces. Instead of Apple has counterfeit new UI faces, unique way controlling devices, advance touch screen which is more sensitive, two hardware buttons and voice control system.

Apple has always some hidden and secret features, those introduce in the WWDC event in picturesque way which is more interesting and Now Apple has a drastic update as compare with watchOS 3.

In this article we are going to share tips and secret features of watchOS 4.

1. Cellular Facility:

Apple acquaint the major change in watchOS that include cellular facility. The watch has now featured a keypad for entering numbers which allows you to call directly from the watch itself. Also update new UI when operating calls.

When you receive a call on your iPhone, you have the option of answering or declining the call, right? Wrong. There are other options available: you just have to use the Digital Crown to scroll down and access them. The first option is to send a quick reply, which will disconnect the call and present you with pre-set messages such as “Can’t talk, what’s up?” to send to the caller.

The second cool feature is about the speaker, the speaker is not so loud at least enough to able to use in public area and not so much quite to hear a call.

2. UI Animation:

Various animation updates in watches, new animation in the passcode, work out types, celebrating achievement and much more.

New animation shows smaller solemnisation for daily successes and larger once when you reached a bigger goal, On the left side, you will see a cool animation for a workout, example little guy running, cycling and heart rotation.

Activity app has also impounded tiny update, When you close one of yours activity ring, there’s an animation with some twinkles that looking more beautiful and effective, It will also tell you that how much work you need to complete a ring.

3. Improve Battery Life:

As compared to Series 1, Apple has improved battery life. There are some simple tricks you can try first. It’s possible that you just need to dial down your use of certain particularly power-hungry apps, or that other techniques will improve your watch’s battery life.

Sometimes its dependence on how we use! We can save watch battery life through the settings. If notification, calling and all things which we are seeing in watch, you can access from iPhone then no need to use watch to access the same thing.

4. Music App Sync:

Update Music app interface with extra features. automatic playlist syncing, including Apple Music-recommended lists.

The connection between a Watch and iPhone is quite impressive, you can sync your iPhone with watch and access all playlist, artist, album and songs. If you are not satisfied with playlist songs, then Don’t worry… Third party option is available like Spotify or Rdio. You can use through Watch.

5. Notifications:

Apple has made a small and appropriate notification in the Watch.

In previous version, if you get five notifications from the same application, then Apple watch would inform you that, You have five messages from the sender. Now you can see five different notifications from the same application.

6. News App:

Apple includes News app is completely new features. The goal is to deliver tiny messages in pretty packaging. User can select six different areas of interest and Watch notify all stories while opening hatch. You can save all stories and read later on.

7. Home Screen & Digital Crown:

In previous version, Watch working with Digital Crown to manage home screen and navigating application. Pressing the Digital Crown performs actions similar to the Home button on your iPhone: tap it once to go back to the Home screen, or press and hold it to activate Siri.

Apple has continued with Digital Crown, added new and well organized home screen in the Watch. I think it’s a better way to maintain home screen and easy to navigate.

When viewing a photo in the Photos app on the iPhone, tap on the Share button and select Create Watch Face. You can then use the current photo for creating a photos face.

8. Siri Watch:

watchOS 4 added new watch faces, but entrancing thing is SIRI Watch face. Siri face can be activated as all other faces in the Watch, Ones it’s activated then you will see an interface in real time.

All information in SIRI list logically selected, if you have a flight to catch then boarding pass automatically display in the Watch. With short overall experience of WatchOS 4 is magnanimous.

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