Book Review “Atomic Habits”

Anand Patel
Mar 2, 2019 · 2 min read
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This is not the book I read but listened. Audible is recently launched in India & I thought of giving it a try. Thus, I was able to complete the book without any efforts, as audible is very handy. Although while reading I missed taking notes, circling top points & the fragrance of newly bound book. Enough with the love with hardcovers :P. This book is about developing small habits which result in transforming your world.

Author has a personal blog where he used to write about habits. Soon, the blog got popularity (more reason to start your own blog; you can check mine at :P)& thousands of readers started to write their problems to the author. The author amazed with the response saw an opportunity to write a book about the same. Thus, the book Atomic Habits came into origin.

The book starts with how habits are formed. There is a simple 4 step process cue, craving, response & reward. Every habit is generated in this formation only. You can take any example & you can easily bifurcate the activities in these headings. Suppose, you are addicted to social media. So, every time you see a social media icon, you are tempted to click it then you click it & you check what is there in the app. This is what it takes. The mind is functioned to work for happiness. We do anything & everything for the reward it offers.

the author explains the way through which we can delay rewards & in result we can change our habits. Some of the techniques explained in the book are delaying reward, attaching reward with an unpleasant experience, as the brain will respond differently to an unpleasant experience.

As per the author, one can change habits at any point. If they know which principle to avoid. Some avoid cue, some craving & so on. If you want to develop a habit you need to find your cue & satisfying reward towards it. Because every time you get a satisfying reward you will want to do the same thing again & again. This way one can develop a habit.

So, if you want to develop a habit or even want to break some. This book can help you a lot. However, if you have read the book The Power of Habit you can skip this book. The principles are nearly the same & with the same functionality.

The habit is very important as it will help you being intuitive. Habits build characters & characters build a life. The same principles can be applied to avoid negative feelings or any other negative aspects of your life.

Grab your copy from here. If you want to change your life.

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