Book Review “Build To Last”

Anand Patel
Mar 30, 2019 · 2 min read
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If the company has to leave a legacy it has to follow few rules. Built to last is a book about different companies who are still having an impact on our lives. There are few common sets of traits which all of them follows & this book tries to cover all that. Some of the points explained in the book are as follows:

Most people only talk about the grandness of the idea but never work on the idea. This is the foremost problem, it is hard to relate to people who are just talking & not doing.

Serve the people or solve the problem rather than thinking about the profits. Profits are important but it is more important to solve some real-life problems as this will take the company forward.

Big Audacious Hairy Goals: Author has referred to this as BHAG. The goals must be simple & easy to relate to. BHAG is important to set the tone of the company. If people in the company are able to relate to your BHAG & come together to work in the same direction. Then, the chances of success increase many folds. Thus, it is important to set some simple achievable & relatable goals.

The journey is tought & it is required to stay ahead of the curve all the time. Good companies try many things & stick to ones which are making some impact. Not necessarily everything clicks for the company. So, it is recommended to try many things to find the right one. As some of the greatest things in the world are found out through experiments.

Having a leader with a vision is one thing, but carrying forward the legacy after the founder has gone determines the company impact. Great leaders & great companies formulate a path to chose the successor of the company. So companies growth trajectories never hamper.

Above points are some of the common traits in successful companies. If you have built a good company & you want to make it great like Ford, J & J, etc follow above-mentioned points & you never know your company could be the next big thing.

This book should be read by anyone who has built company & want to make it great. There are many lessons to be learned from this book for people who want to make an impact on the company.

So, grab your copy from here.

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