Book Review “HBR 10 Best Read AI, Analytics & The New Machine Age”

Anand Patel
May 9, 2019 · 3 min read
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Recently I have been thrilled by an unlimited growth in the technology field. Every disruption requires a tipping point & from that point onward. There is no turning back. I feel we have reached to that point in technology & from now on, we will be growing exponentially. If you are among the ones who like to read about new technology & upcoming field. This book can be a savior for you.

The book contains various topics which will impact daily life sooner than expected. The topics covered in the book are AI, analytics, drones, blockchain,3- D printing, hub economy, augmented reality, voice control, etc. These are some of the industries which are changing the functions of the world. Few of the terms mentioned above are new to the common person. Thus, it becomes much more important to read these books to be aware of your surroundings.

The book is articles published on the mentioned topics & is an easy way to learn about, how actually they are functioning. The comprehensive guide can be gold dust for people looking for some thrilling insights. Will briefly cover the mentioned topics, but enough to get you excited.

Drones: Recently only an article came where a human organ was transferred from one hospital to another via drone. Every major logistics company is looking at this option. This will reduce cost, time & accuracy. If this technology succeeds, the logistics industry will change for the good.

3-D Printing: Manufacturing industry is an age-old industry & in fact one of the most revenue generating industries. Industry set up manufacturing plants at some remote location which increases the cost of transferring raw materials. But, what if one can print parts without necessarily setting up the whole industry. This will save cost, quality & environment.

Hub Economy: Ever since technology has introduced in our daily lives. The concentration of power is very much feared. Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon are gaining footholds. How the world will function if only few companies will govern the rules & policy. It is the responsibility of these large companies to behave ethically for sustained growth.

Alexa: Amazon introduction of Alexa a voice search engine. Life has become simpler & easier. Now there is no need of typing your searches you just have to say the words. Although it is still in early stages it will soon become part of our daily lives.

I am not explaining about AI, augmented reality, algorithms & blockchain. As these are already in mainstream use. It is hardly any time when we will be able to see these technologies changing our lives.

This is a great book to get a basic idea of these technologies. I would recommend reading this book for knowledge purposes. Grab your copy from here.

I am having a travel blog by the name of But, I have a special interest in reading books.

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