Book Review “Life’s Amazing Secrets”

Anand Patel
Jan 29, 2019 · 2 min read
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Monks have unique eyes to look at the world & they take pride in sharing knowledge with the world. Each year thousands of people listen to the verses shared by monks. Gaur Gopaldas is one such monk who wishes to enlighten struggling souls. The book is a conversation between him & a devotee who was having trouble in a personal life due to various reasons. He asked the monk to help him overcome this horrendous situation. How the monk replies to all the queries from the devotee is explained in the book.

The story starts from the monk visiting the devotee’s place for lunch. While riding back to the temple. Devotee explains his current situation in personal life. He said he has a dream life from the outside. However, from the inside he is not happy, he is not enjoying his work, his marriage has hit the rock bottom & there is nothing cheerful to hope for.

The monk explains the different wheels of life & explains if any of these wheels are not standing strong the vehicle (life) will become imbalanced. The monk covers every aspect of life in the simple & easy language. There is a lot to learn from. He uses his examples as well.

To know the 4 wheels of the life you will need to read the book. Further, the lessons taught in the book are very encouraging & doable. Everyone who is lost in the world shall look to read this book. The book length is hardly 200 pages & can be covered in a single day.

Read this book & enjoy the bliss of life. There is never a dull moment. Grab your copy from here.

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