Book Review “Open An Autobiography”

Anand Patel
Feb 19, 2019 · 2 min read
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The Open is an autobiography by Andre Agassi; a legendary athlete who is the first man to win all the 4 grand slams during his time. A rebellion by nature & not so famous among the sports editors for his style & dressing sense. A player who has witnessed all that has to be witnessed by a player. This book is an open account of all his actions & reactions to his life-changing events.

The book starts with his childhood & his troubles. He was a gifted player & everyone around him knew he was something else. With hard work, he rose to the top. But, he lost it all. His mind was not in place & he was having a tough time & motivating himself to play tennis. The book explains more of his losses than his wins & he lost quite a few of them. He briefly explains the rivalry with Pete Sampras who has a fantastic record against him & told in an interview that “He brings out the A game from me”.

Andre explains the highs & lows of his personal life apart from tennis. How was his relationship with Brooke Shields? & how he met his present wife Stefanie Graf, who herself is a tennis champion during that time.

The book is more about his reactions to various situations & his come back attitude. Many times he lost, but every time he chose to fight back & rise. It is easy to quit, but it takes guts to fight back your demons. He explained various incidents where he was down & out. But, his rebellion attitude helped him to sail through. Grab your copy from here.

A great book on his personal life & his tennis career. You can read more book reviews at

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