Book Review “The Industries Of The Future”

Anand Patel
Apr 18, 2019 · 3 min read
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The Industries of the future is a take on the future by the author. The author studies several fields which will soon impact our lives. The Industries which are here to cause a ripple. So, here is the book review of The Industries of The Future.

Japan has the most number of people in the old age & due to their lifestyle, there is a huge shortage of young manpower & one of the basic necessities of human Love. To satisfy their old people; Japan has launched a number of robots which will fill the gaps in their life. Robots are already a big hit in Japan & soon one will can find robots for every work in Japan.

Peer to peer currency was a thought originated after the housing market collapse of 2008. When the world was crippled by falling banks. A genius by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto designed a decentralized currency which will be based on algorithms & no single entity can govern & manipulate. Since the inception bitcoin, the first peer to peer currency has grown leaps & bounds. As per the author, computer codes will be most of the industries if not all.

Genetics is one field where most of the rich people are planning to or already made an entry. Genetics are the building blocks of the human body & if one can have in-depth knowledge of its building blocks. They can manipulate, change or enhance its performance. There are techniques being developed which can sense if the person will suffer from any disease or will turn out to be a psychopath. It is hard to formulate if it is exiting or threatening.

Wars are the things of the past. In today’s time if you want to dent in your enemy’s economy. There is no better way to shut it down than starting a cyber war. The cyberwar is realty where hacker’s tries to bring down the servers of the other nation. The more we are getting connected. The probability of being attacked by some hacker is rising. Security personals will be laughing while reading this as they know their demand will rise. Internet security is one of the fields which is here for ages to come for sure.

If oil led to the industrial revolution. Then data is the new oil for the next revolution. Out of the 7 billion people in the world, approx 3 billion are using the internet in some way or the other & people are tracking your moves to provide you with the best experience. Churning data has become norm & this will increase in the coming years. Reading, analyzing & predicting data is one of the skills you will have to develop at the earliest.

Future markets
So, what do you think where is next market? will there be a silicon valley in each country or is there any way around this?
The countries which are developed are already way ahead in the race. But, will they be only the one ahead?.
Upcoming markets like Asia, Africa can lead to the next wave of millionaires. This is an exciting chapter to read & would recommend reading this for sure.

This book is a great book for anyone who is looking towards the future. This is the right time to move ahead of the curve & survive the next recession. As with robots & machine learning, many jobs will be in threat. However, the many new ones will be created & if you are not competent to take roles, you will fall behind.

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