Book Review The Millionaire Mindset

Lately, becoming a millionaire has become a fad among the millennials. Everyone wants to reach this feat at the early age. People are looking up to the likes of Kylie Jenner & Mark Zuckerberg who reached this epitome at a very early age.

Millionaire mindset is crafted from the books like Think & Grow Rich & The Power of subconscious mind. These books are the on the top of the list, the concepts like faith, subconscious mind has been explained in this book as well. The place where this book stands out is the worksheet. Author has shared worksheet which needs to be filled to start the process of becoming a millionaire.

The concepts are already explained in the books mentioned above that too in a more elaborate way. There is nothing new explained in this book, however, there are few points which can be taken away from the book. The primary point is the FAITH & DESIRE. The concepts are known from the ages still, there are only few who are able to fully utilize this ability.

After reading this book, my faith in subconscious mind has increased & I am eager to try the steps mentioned in the books.

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