Book Review “The Richest Man In Babylon

Have you thought why you are not in the list of the richest men on the Earth? Maybe you are thinking you can’t or don’t have means to make that elite & exclusive list or maybe you are already in that list. If you are already in that elite list don’t sweat to read this post. But, for those who are still struggling to make their ends meet. This post is worth a read.

As the name suggests, this book is about The Richest Man In Babylon. But, he was not born rich nor he had any concrete means to earn living. However, he was able to turn the table with little intelligence & hard work. An intelligence which anyone can use & practice it to gain some riches.


So, here are the steps explained in the books. The use is based on his or her preferences.

Save 1/10th of the amount you make & don’t you dare to spend it. The more you do this, the more you will have in your saving accounts. At the starting, you will feel difficult to save. However, once you created habit then things will change dramatically.

Save 1/10th of the amount for your old age. Create a separate account for your old age. Either in funds or fixed & make sure you can always get the principle amount at any point of time.

Invest 1/10th of the monthly amount to funds, stocks or any other ways to increase your income. This will help you to build a portfolio which will reap benefits in the later stages of life.

These steps are hard to follow or can’t be followed by all the living being. It’s pretty simple & can be done by everyone.

These are the only principles you need to follow if you want to grow your net worth. I understand this is a pretty slow process. However, it is the most proven method to grow your wealth.

The book has also explained the way to reduce debt & how to make investments. For that, you will need to read the book. So, if you are struggling with your finances Grab Your Copy From Here.

Who Should Read This Book?

This is a finance book & everyone should read this for a simple reason; to know how finances work. The more people learn about the money, the more they can manage it.

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