How Emoji Keyboards Can Help with Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is a definite norm used by the leading entrepreneurs for interacting and engaging with the target audience. However, the likes of live video, sponsored posts and paid advertisements are already being used — quite extensively. Needless to say, marketers are surely looking for some other avenues for beefing up their strategies and campaigns.

This is where emojis can come in handy as these entities aren’t text dependent and can easily portray emotions — seamlessly enough. While some might argue that Facebook comes with a restrictive palette of emojis and emoticons, there is something called an emoji keyboard that can make things easy for the user.

Emergence of Emojis

Emojis are fun. They are easy to use and eliminate text-based requirements. However, using emojis on Facebook can have its share of advantages and disadvantages

The pros include emergence of a new marketing strategy that is expected to work wonders — especially with the younger generation. In addition to that, emojis can easily decorate a conversation and make the same more entertaining to say the least.

On the flipside — every emoji isn’t easy to decipher, in terms of the meaning associated with the same. While emojis can attract the millennials, the more mature generation might find it slightly difficult to relate. Apart from that, emojis are completely requirement based and need to be looked at with a sense of indifference. This means not every emoji is useful for the marketing campaign and more often than not — companies need to get hold of customized options.

Use of Physical Emoji Keyboards

Certain online stores sell physical keyboards with emojis embedded alongside texts. This in turn makes things easier for the marketer — allowing them to use emojis even while accessing a text-based keyboard. Emoticons and other characters can then be added at regular intervals.


While virtual keyboards can be added in the form of web extensions, physical emoticon keyboards are of great help to those who are looking for something more concrete and functional.