With the ones dear to me I hold you all as my branches for I am the tree
My heart is deeper than the deepest roots
So deep that even the vast oceans seem shallow
So strong that gravity loses meaning

But there is a caveat to my strength
I have not surrendered

While in solitude I fell in love with the heavens
I fell in love with the beautiful sky
I fell in love with every tree, creature and flower that I passed by

I am lost in the natural painting of everything set forth by the infinite 
My heart is full in a way I’ve never known 
A tear would grace my cheek as natures love was shown

I feel unwavering, insignificant, and precious 
But I have not surrendered

Although my heart is open, full, unyielding, caring and loving..
It longs for the day I get to see you

This who I have yet to see is a mystery
Her penetrating vibrations casts a love affair in my dreams daily
Without a face I see her soul closing into mine as if an eternal eclipse was cast over the heavens

The day we meet the universe will only have meaning when I see it through her soul 
Her love will be more gentle and calm then silence itself, her touch will be as soothing as an infants gaze 
Her eyes will cut, cripple, and encapsulate every fiber of my being for no greater power than love will ever exist..

I shall surrender

Surrender in a way where her tears will make me cry 
Surrender in a way that when she’s cold I shiver 
Surrender in way when she sleeps I dream 
Surrender in a way that which every breath she doesn’t breathe, I die

With Love,


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