NEVER TOO LATE! Yes, it’s never too late to strengthen the foundation of faith. When they can do it, undoubtedly you can do it. When a destitute born infant can grow up to be a Starbucks executive chairman and former CEO, why not you put in the effort to climb over the fence and reach the summit that people say impossible. HOWARD SCHULTZ — an American Businessman, Brooklyn, New York City.

Success knocks at your door even if you are poor or dark skinned. When a girl who was raised by a single mother whose salary never topped $4,400 and had three strikes relatively black, is a girl, and poor can turn up to Xerox chairman and former CEO, obviously you too can. It’s never too late to strengthen the foundation of faith. URSULA BURNS — an American Businesswomen, Panama City, Panama.

Well, I guess you’re thinking is this a motivational article? Or what she’s gonna deliver at the end. How do you get famed for your position now you are in? Do you think you’re still in your ancestor’s era of letting information spread through manual means? Nah! It’s of course through visual, but what does that “visual” mean? Nothing much, it’s all about Digitization. Media defines you from where you started to how you routed yourself.


In this modern world, people are either asleep or connected to digital media. Digital Marketing is all about the stories you tell, not the stuff you make. So now, get up, become successful and get famed through Digital.


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