Peep on Branding

Anand Techverce LLP
Aug 3, 2018 · 3 min read

At my leisure times, I usually indulge in gaining knowledge in Digital Marketing. I had a chance to come through a quote that moved me to think a lot deep on how a product actually takes its individual place in markets. And that was “GREAT PRODUCTS SELL THEMSELVES”. You’ll market yourself when you’re already a “highly qualified quality”.

“Is that so?” most of you might think. The fact is that you’ll get paid at the most when your brand or product or service adds an extra benefit to people’s lifestyle like how “Selfie” was the dominant theme for smartphone marketers.

The birth of branding begins when a unique identity or a mark was made on the livestock using a heated branding iron by the cattle ranchers in the early 18thcentury to identify them and prove their ownership. This topic drives a larger influence in digital marketing rather than the other medium. Brand marketing makes sure your product reaches a unique position.

A company’s brand obviously represents their market identity, kind of quality they provide, their reputation for trustworthiness and more. Consequently, from selling cereals to developing new technologies, brand marketing is important to nearly every business.

Let me guess if a brand is simply a logo and using a fancy font for a company name, can you assure your brand can reach the summit? If they had not invested all their efforts in brand marketing and positioning, Apple or Coca-Cola is among the five worlds most valuable brands would have been just a guess.

Nowadays, the term “Brand” has become much complex and intangible than ever since the company you own or the company you work for have to compete in an oversaturated market.


Guess if you’re branding out something to the market that is more specifically purposeful, then your brand may get a bigger reach. Additional indicators are likely to be added to your brands so as to measure your behavioral loyalty since customers will purchase the brand more regularly and will be less likely to switch away from the brand.


People often judge you by your attitude and so as your brand will be judged. Valued brands always tend to share certain customer attitude. One tends to rely heavily on a brand when the brand value is high.


Your product never gets a reach by itself, it gets a reach by how you interact and being in a relationship with the customers. Digitization is the base platform for the reach of any brand. Measures of customer’s relationship strength can provide accurate indicators of brand value.

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