Which category suits you?

It can be better said as “this category suits me” than “I go for this” in Digital Marketing since the technique suiting you are going to be right for your business.

Is that SEO?

Only 6% of the searches click to PPC and the rest 94% results in the organic search. Now methods have changed a lot yet aim remains the same. The actual basis is that you need to get yourself higher up on the list when you do Google searches. You’ll obviously need this included in your business more than the others.

You need to look up a couple of things interiorly. Does your website contain a pro-life blog? Do their tactics include content marketing? Where content marketing serving as the only most effective way to do SEO these days.

The main threat of SEO is Spamdexing occurred by the Blackhat SEO techniques where perceiving is a must to avoid such. This mainly occurs due to

· Unrelated keywords => focus on a specific topic so that users could easily find what they are searching for

· Keyword stacking & stuffing => reasonable keyword density, semantically related words instead of endlessly repeating keywords are preferred.

· Tiny Text, Hidden Text, and Hidden Links => make obvious links, contrasting the text to background color and contents that are intended to be read.

· Cloaking => create the website that visitors expect to see based on the description on the search engine results page (SERP).

· Bait-and-Switch or Page Swapping => regular updating of page keeping the overall topics of the pages intact.

Do you prefer Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)?

A completely short-term type of digital marketing where when you stop paying, the ad ceases to exist. They act as the links to your websites that you pay to get ranked above the organic listing when you search. It swings around how much a click is really worth and what profit it’s bringing in.

Influencer Marketing:

Do you prefer different state-of-art digital marketing mechanism? Get on to a relatively new and exciting type of marketing termed Influencer Marketing. It is none other than influencing your target market with someone who is already a dominant like how Pepsi sponsors Britney Spears as its spokesperson.

You can even strike a good deal with a popular you-tuber or even a well-famed instagramer to expose your brand like wearing your brand t-shirts etc. or get an influencer to tweet about your brand and spend a few hundred pounds in order to reach millions and millions of your targeted market.

Viral Marketing:
if you’re a “Billionaire in 3 minutes song” kinda digital marketing person, you can undoubtedly prefer Viral Marketing that could turn your business into an overnight success. It is doing something on trend in current that could be incredibly weird or hilarious which gets you more traffic and most effectively noticed.

An impressive Viral Marketing can be a combination of content marketing, PR, and social media marketing with a good idea sometimes completely new. Not a same kinda viral marketing mechanism of one industry suits the other. Checking of a portfolio is a must in this case too.

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