I heard the motivational talk by my friend Shridhar Sampath recently when he mentioned about the Three Laws of Performance. Great results are achieved in this world by individuals and group of individuals operating as a team. When such great results are achieved we wonder how that was possible. It is just that the individual or group has performed well. How to then get the best performance at all times?

The Three Laws of Performance that was propounded by Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan through their book “The Three Laws of Performance — Rewriting the Future of Your Organisation and your Life”.

The three laws of performance are explained in the below video by Steve Zaffron:

I had the dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant when I was only 17 years old and a stranger that I met asked me to repeated say “I want to become and Chartered Accountant and I will become a Chartered Accountant”. He made me stand up and repeat this sentence several times by raising my hand and punching the fist in the air. When I read the three laws of performance this incident flashed across very strongly in my mind.

How true it is that “How people perform correlates to how situations occur to them” (1st Law). My dear sister got married to a Chartered Accountant, Mr.S.K.Raman, in 1980 and thus the desire and dream in me to become a Chartered Accountant grew firm. My brother-in-law encouraged me to pursue my dream. My teacher at School Mr.P.Anand who taught Commerce in my 11th Standard had planted the seed in my mind to become a Chartered Accountant. He took me aside at School after his class and told me “You have all the qualities to become a Chartered Accountant”. How a situation occurs arises in language (2nd Law). Finally the Stranger that I met in a Railway Station made me stand up and say “I want to become a Chartered Accountant and I will become a Chartered Accountant. Future based language transforms how situation occur to people (3rd Law). From intentionality default futures can shift to designed future.

I feel every business owner, business manager and leader can follow the three laws of performance and encourage other to give their best performance.

Great innovative ideas come from best performances and the world will progress and give prosperity to people only with best performances.


Strategic Planning Specialist

Dubai, U.A.E.