What should I be doing in this year ?

In Indian calendar, the month of harvesting is born!! Legend is to burn old things and start new things!! In the very early days may be it was to burn the ignorance and gain knowledge, which over the period of time changed to burning old things like what people do these days!!

Now with this new beginning, I thought I should put my list of things that I am planning to do and there by gaining knowledge and shedding ignorance.

So here it is:

1. Read at least 1 book from my library every week. Don’t buy new books till all the books in the collection are read.

2. Conduct at least 6 Design thinking sessions in a year

3. Listen to best podcasts during daily commutes that help in understanding what is going on and new concepts

4. Complete a new audiobook every week by listening audio books during my daily walks

5. Maintain 10000+ steps/day, 20 staircases/day

6. Learn more through all possible means

7. Help people in a more effective manner

8. Be cognitively very active

9. Share knowledge

10. Contribute regularly to Medium

Some of these goals are little fuzzy, but I think as the days move forward I will do the necessary course correction and be on track as much as possible.

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