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Assistant is someone who can help you anytime, anywhere and in all our work. We look after for information or data in your daily routines and consume it in different ways. For example — we ask people about books reviews, about places to visit, or maybe about how to make pancakes. All this happens back in 2000 when the internet is not in much use.

After completing this series there is a special gift for you.

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Today, we are living in the world of the internet where every other information or data is just a couple of seconds away from us. We pick our phones, search for the things and here we go. Searching things get so much easy that we can find everything on the internet in just a couple of seconds.

Taking this searching thing a level above and makes you feel the same as before where you talk to a person and they provide you with the information. So, here comes the Google Assistant. You can talk to it, ask anything, tell anything to remember, talk to it when you feel lonely etc.

In this series of article, we are going to learn about Google Assistant, what it is, how to use it, how to create one for yourself and how to make it available for everyone in this world.

If you already know what is a Google assistant and how to use it, I suggest jumping over the next article in this series where we learn how to create one.

Google Assistant

We all search for things on the internet, we type it in and found the relevant information and consume it. Its what Google does — Search. But, now to give users a whole new experience of searching Google comes up with the conversational computing called Google Assistant.

We looking for more assistance in our daily lives and we are using devices to get things done. A simple conversation between users and Google to get things done. For example — Google, how to make pancakes and it will tell you the steps. So easy. Searching gets so easy that you had to speak fewer words, very straight forward than in type search.

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Install Google Assistant app on your ios or Android mobile phones. Start talking to an assistant like “what you can do from me”, “what is the day today”, “what time is it” or also you can even ask it to remember things for you like “Hey Google! please remember that I had kept my car keys inside my bag” and after that, you can ask it “where I had kept my car keys”. It also supports multiple languages.

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You can even play games with it, learn from it or also ask it to help you with controlling other apps as well as devices.

Other than our mobile phones, we can find it in speakers, cars and also the wearables.

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Now, you get a better understanding of what a Google Assistant is and how to use it. You may be getting a lot of ideas now, does Google assistant do this or that or how I can make it do a specific thing or how to make Google Assistant play a specific game with me.

Let’s continue with our second article in this series and create one of your own Google Assistant. Your gift is waiting for you.

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