Mandala <> Modulus Partnership Announcement

Anant Handa
Jul 6, 2018 · 3 min read

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Mandala is has partnered with Modulus

Well into this wild summer, the cryptosphere has witnessed extreme volatility, hacks, a lamenting community and all while blockchain technology implementation and integration continues to dominate the global stage.

Regulators have cracked down, and rightly so, bringing legal compliance into an arena previously synonymized with the wild west. ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings have become a taboo phrase and the industry is witnessing a leap towards Securitized Token Offerings.

The times, they are a changin’ — Bob Dylan

It is not unreasonable to see governments around the world expect more from an infant industry, and so it’s time to see industry leaders embrace this opportunity to drive adoption of a novel technology space. Mandala is leading that charge. Our motto, raising the standard of expectation and connecting the universe through blockchain is about driving mass adoption and creating new opportunities for people around the globe.

Mandala offers an exchange and platform with a native utility token, MDX, and unique tools and features designed for novices and professionals alike. We are heavily focused on achieving full compliance with global securities laws and our value system is about delivering a better experience to you, the user base.

When we envisioned Mandala, we were determined to deliver an unparalleled experience that the cryptocurrency user base needed. A trading engine that could handle the demands of a high growth, volatile, and rapidly paced market would be the heart of our customer focused services.

Mandala is proud to announce our partnership with Modulus, a well known trading engine development firm building platforms since 1997. Modulus produces record setting powerhouse engines capable of processing 10+ million transactions per second and able to process transactions in as little as 40 nanoseconds. It’s not just fast, it’s what the user base needs. Speed, accuracy and security are essential and in partnering with Modulus, the Mandala team is able to focus on delivering a seamless front end experience to the user base built upon a robust framework.

About The Engine

  • Golang — designed by Google for computationally intense server applications
  • Language simplicity
  • Better tooling
  • Comprehensive standard library
  • A concurrency model
  • A garbage collection system (to free up memory)

Security Features

  • Strong encryption and Field-level encryption
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Trade surveillance powered by machine learning
  • Enterprise-grade, offline, multi-signature vaults
  • Built in Google Authenticator and Yubikey 2FA
  • Enhanced Security tools

Unique Features

  • GDPR Compliance
  • Built-in AML and KYC tools
  • Anti-market manipulation resources
  • Advanced support desk integration

Check out this video that further explains what the partnership means for Mandala!

Our goal with Mandala is to bring the very best to the industry, offer real choice to a market where the bare minimum is the status quo. That’s why we chose Modulus. Designed for computationally intense server applications and activities and adopted across industries, from finance to technology. They have worked with companies from NASA to NASDAQ, and Microsoft to Goldman Sachs, and the list goes on. Modulus is a trade engine our users can rely on.

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Graphic of Modulus’ clients.

Mandala is empowering digital asset traders with this highly useable platform that we can scale to the demands of a rapidly growing user base. We’re fostering mass adoption and tearing down the barriers of entry to cryptocurrency and digital asset trading.

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Mandala platform comparison chart.

Our vision starts and ends with all of you, and so we are pleased to announce our partnership with Modulus. In adopting this solution, Mandala is accelerating development timelines and our subsequent platform launch — helping us bring opportunity to the masses!

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