Buying a Samsung TV? Think Again!

Festive Purchases are special, with some sentimental value attached to them. But don’t try purchasing a Samsung TV — It’s the modern day equivalent of Pandora’s Box.

I purchased a 4k Smart tv on 26th October after going through atleast 100 models at retail outlets. I even tried Micromax & Wybor ! Finally, set my heart on one beautiful display at a Croma Store

Here is what I think I ordered (Going by their Fantabulous Retail Displays)

Here is What I think I Ordered

Here is what I actually received.

Here is what I actually received — A Screen with Airtel , Discovery & what not BURNED IN!!

The service engineer was amazed

Sir ye issue to Plasma screen mein aata hai, LCD mein to pahli baar dekh raha hun

Thus began my ordeals. I raised a concern on day 1 to their CC. From that day till today (7th Dec, 2016), my daily routine looks somewhat like this -

  1. Arrive home exhausted from work, call the customer care & explain my issue from scratch for atleast 30 minutes to them.
  2. Talk to the CC agents , who turned out to be a bunch of smooth talking liars.
  3. Does Samsung Train its Customer care agents to lie? Some lies I heard
Sir, you will definitely get a call back from our service center by tomorrow
I assure you sir, your case has been escalated on the highest priority & you will definitely get a call back from us by tomorrow
Sir your replacement has been issued, I’m confirming , the refund is not issued A refund cheque has been issued & replacement was not approved
I cannot find any complaint against your number
Your replacement will arrive by the next week

Finally , I receive a shocker — Your Refund has been Approved. No Replacement for You!

All this, after making it very clear to their customer care agents why I cannot go for a refund. Had selected this TV after visiting so many retail outlets and seeing several brands.We cannot invest time in finding a new model again. And a festive purchase has attached sentimental value, which you cannot replace by a cheque.

Seriously Samsung, If I had invested the time I spent over calls with you in front of an ATM instead, I would have withdrawn some cash from my Account & had been a rich man today!