Do Women Really Want Equality?
Nikita Coulombe

I don’t agree with your article. The tone implies that the sacrifices men make counts only if it is towards sharing the financial burden, while the only sacrifices women make counts if it is towards showing love for the children.

While your article is well written, but the statistics you presented are about current views. The fight for equality is a fight for choice. It is a fight to change the status quo. It is a fight to change these very existing perceptions that you have showcased with brilliant numbers.

As a man, I faced a lot of social stigma for wanting to spend more time with my child instead of working. This happened even though my wife is better qualified, and is capable of earning more than I do. It took me a lot of time to convince myself to do what my heart told me to and allow myself to NOT worry about the financial responsibility. My wife was very capable and willing to take care of the finances of the household. On the other hand, my wife too faced a lot of social stigma for not stepping in when my child was crying and allowing me to take up that role. We WANTED things very different from what the majority wants.

You are saying that the dangerous jobs are usually taken up by men. Equality is a fight for giving that possibility to women, even if it is a small percentage. Why it is that women are NOT allowed combative positions in most countries’ armies? Yes, may be most women don’t want to do dangerous jobs. But most men don’t want to do that as well. But if there is even one woman who wants to do it, and not just raise children, she should be allowed to. THAT is what equality is about.

“One of the luxuries of being a woman is that we don’t have to ask for affirmative consent because we don’t have to take the initiative and therefore are not held responsible or accountable for anything that happens.” This line is gross mis-representation. I don’t know which world you are in, but the statistics are staggeringly against this claim. In most parts of the world, rapes are blamed on the woman. Conviction in rapes is abysmally poor. Reporting of molestation and rape is even poorer. What on earth do you mean by “we don’t have to take the initiative.” Go take it by all means if you want!!

I am also sad, that your article is just reinforcing stereotypes. It is being used as a counter argument by some regressive thinking men, who are finding a justification to prevent their wives from choosing a career of their choice. Most women want to be at home, so every woman needs to be at home with the children. This is the notion that equality needs to fight against.

Equality is NOT in the numbers between men and woman. It is in the thought and in the freedom.

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