A short response to “The Godless Kerala of the Hindi Hindu Hindustan”

Or on the specific references to my articles.

No, I didn’t praise Modi!

I had the unfortunate displeasure of reading the article co-authored by 3 eminent persons titled “The Godless Kerala of the Hindi Hindu Hindustan”. I neither have the time nor spirit to write a broader rebuttal on the points that the article makes(which it does not deserve), but I will be responding to the specific references that have been made to the articles I have published on Swarajya Magazine.

My article on Kerala’s developmental model, which received a lot of flak, is referenced first, here:

I have been writing for Swarajya since February 2017, and I have written about the state’s failures in the economic sector consistently. I have also praised the state government’s actions when in my opinion, it took a positive step. Why I consistently adopt a negative tone regarding the state is not a matter that I wish to elaborate here, but something I will write in an another forum. What I wish to state is that I wrote those articles under my own free volition, using my own spare time, using my own research. I have not lied, fabricated or spread half-truths regarding the state’s economic situation in that article or in any other article. The authors have not provided any reference or material which contradicts or disproves my article.

Now onto the next reference :

Here, the authors of the god-awful blog post refers to my latest article, which talked about PN Panicker’s achievements in the Literacy scenario in the state. And no, I did not associate Modi with him, since Panicker died in 1995, and Modi became a national figure in 2001. I referenced Modi there as his inauguration of the celebration was a contemporary event, which should be in the public memory since that is where he said 'books instead of bouquets’ which threw social media into a frenzy. I wanted to refer that, but decided to drop the reference. I did not associate Modi with the success of Kerala either. The only political figure I referred was Nayanar, who I shall come to in a moment. ( Full disclosure, by the way, I am an admirer of EK Nayanar)

Now into the next thing — praising Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer. Whether you like it or not, Sir CP is a controversial figure in Kerala due to his role in the Punappara- Vayalar agitation and his refusal to accede to the Indian union. That notwithstanding, my reference to Sir CP as someone who supported Panicker’s activity is true. I cannot help the truth, can I? When we write about the history of Volkswagen or animal protection laws or anti-cigarette laws, would someone avoid the history of the same in Nazi Germany?

Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer is not Hitler, mind you.

Last but not least, the entrée, the Communists. I have a complex love — hate relationship with the Communist party, which has lately been characterized by a huge curve in favour of hate. Anyhow, anybody who read the article can see that In damning the current state government, whose actions have clearly not been in favour of preserving Panicker’s achievements. What else can you call underfunding the Library council and undermining PN Panicker’s legacy? I apologize again for the truth upsetting you.

I had , if you forgot, specifically praised the EK Nayanar government in the article, whose actions merit much applause. Let me remind you:

It seems the superstars who wrote the blogpost in question forgot to read those parts.

No part or section of my article is political propaganda — every single word of what I wrote is true. I have provided more than ample references to the statements that I have made. If still in doubt, I ask that the authors contact me for additional references. I research, write and edit on my own time, and it is quite offensive for my work to be characterized as political propaganda.

I am in no way or manner associated with the Bharathiya Janata Party, or any political or social organization, and have never been at any point. By god, I have met more high-level office bearers of the Communist Party than a local committee member would have. To add — I have not written on any issue that I have not strongly felt about, and I have never written any article under the direction of a political party or organization. I am not part of any grand network damning anyone. I am a 19 year old law student who has high hopes and dreams for the future, who writes articles now and then, to release some pressure, engage in some political discourse and maybe, just maybe, have some fun. My articles are, and always have been , my personal outlooks on the issues that I have written about. I am glad to have found an audience for it, and richer for the same.

Questioning my integrity is quite personal, and I am certainly not happy with such a reference. That is what implored me to write this piece, and not an order from up above!

Regardless of all this, it has been quite fun writing this small rebuttal.

Adiós, amigos!

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