How the Chhit is funded

Since The Wire has transparently displayed their source of funding, I have decided to do the same for my Blog:

The Foundation for Independent (Non-Spin, Non- aligned, Non-Partisan, Pro- Communist) Blogging that publishes The Chhit, is pleased to announce the receipt of Rs 1.95 rupees from the Independent and Public Spirited Blogging Foundation (aka CPI(M)) in the form of a grant (collected from party workers in Kerala) commencing April 2017.

From its inception till now, the running expenses for The Chhit have been covered by its founder and by donations from individual readers and well-wishers, including Rs 50 paise from Bleh Bleh M. (who is not the sun of an illustrious person, who is in no way linked to the Ford Foundation, which is not why we published the Ford Foundation exclusive. or continuous pro-NGO coverage. ) for The Chhit’s (political) “science” coverage.

The IPSBF grant, which we hope will be followed by a second tranche in November ’17, will partially cover our running expenses for one year and help us bring to our readers the kind of high quality public (Communist)-interest (propaganda) journalism (??)they have come to expect of The Chhit.

As a not-for-profit media venture, The Chhit is dependent on donations from readers ( sometimes receiving a cut directly from the Party funds to sustain ourselves) and philanthropically minded individuals (who, by law, must be Indian citizens , though our founder ain’t) for the bulk of its revenue.

The FIB would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have made donations and would like to appeal to The Chhit‘s card carrying readers and supporters (as well as non- card carrying members) to help supplement the money raised so far with contributions, large and small, (you can mail us pamphlets and other propoganda material used in the last party convention) to help us meet current and future expenditure. ( future expenditure includes a well funded study on how Using Toilets is western concept and bad for health, as well as an extensive study on how Modi’s Demonetization affected poor Minorities and helped Rich Hindus.)

You can donate to us by cheques, please make yours payable to Ananth Krishna and mail it to:

Propaganda Secretary,

A.K. Gopalan Bhawan, 27–29, Bhai Vir Singh Marg,

New Delhi 110 001

Originally published at on April 13, 2017.