TL:DR Investment Evaluation of (POE) Tokens

I’ve started writing a series on why I would /wouldn’t invest in particular tokens. My investment horizon is long term and non-speculative. This my way of keeping track and sharing my thoughts with the world.

Legal Statement: I will buy the tokens that I write about and like. This is not investment advice, but just my thoughts. Invest at you own risk and be careful. The crypto market is fraught with dangers.

So here we go… (POE)

A TL:DR analysis of why I should or should not invest in token (POE):

What are the needs that is solving:

  • Verifiable ownership of digital content
  • Revenue generation from the created content
  • Transparent marketplace for content creators and publisher.

What does the solution look like:

Phase 1: Ownership of a digital content is recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain: Hashing and time stamping on the biggest public blockchain allows for unique and verifiable evidence of ownership.

Phase 2: Monetization of digital content: Licensing, syndication and attribution of digital assets

Phase 3: Multi-sided Platform: Open network and marketplace of independent content creators, editors and publishers.

Product Development Stage:

  • A working alpha product is in existence.
  • Working on CMS platform integrations.


Absolutely love the team. Highly experienced in the blockchain space both on the development as well as the community/marketing side of the equation.

Have very high profile backers / angel investors in the space.

Transparency and Update Frequency:

Very High. Regular monthly posts along with frequent tweet to keep investors, partners, users and fan base updated.


I think the community is currently small but has strong group of supporters.

Token Economics:

  • Successfully raised $10 million in a transparent manner over a 4 week window for a total valuation of $20 million.
  • Founders get 8% and Foundation gets 22%. 10% for Angel Investors and Integration partners.
  • Have a well laid out plan on how the money from token issue will be used.

I rate the token economics very highly.

Token Availability and Liquidity:

Poor but improving: Tokens were available only on EtherDelta and HitBTC with low volumes. Tokens are now also available using RadarRelay.

Recent buyback and burn of POE tokens is a good way to instill confidence in token holders by giving them a small return.

Summary: is a real (alpha) product with an existing use cases, great team and backers. I would definitely buy this token even though the current token liquidity is low.