As the night turns into day
 And the dawn kisses the blushing sky
 Dewdrops caress the gentle grass
 A little bird dares to fly

Frail wings try to glide
 But luck does not seem kind
 The little bird fails to fly
 But no, it does not seem to mind

The little bird tries to fly
 As the wind slips through the trees
 It tries to carry its weight, but in vain
 Against the earth, against the breeze

Determination fuels the bird
 As it tries again and again
 Even though it fails seem to rise
 It tries again, now numb to pain

The sky, painted in shades of plum
 With shimmering stars to bejewel the night
 The little bird is on its branch
 Now exhausted, but taking one last flight

The Earth pulls the little bird down,
 But it does not succumb
 Flaps its wings against the breeze,
 Its heart now beating like a drum

Up it goes, carrying the weight
 Feathers flying against the breeze
 Up it goes, fighting the sharp air
 Its body now flying with ease

Fragile wings reinforced with strength
 The little bird flies without resent
 For all the times it fell from the sky
 It now flew to its heart’s content

The night sky, now velvety black
 The clouds enrobed in silver
 The little bird rode the wicked wind
 No hesitation, not one quiver

The little bird glides through the air
 Velvet dusk against its wings
 Oh, the joy it feels to be one with sky
 Finally, the little bird sings

Ananya.N.S ©

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