First-hand insights from someone who has written and received reviews

The dread of performance reviews looms large in an organization of any scale. If you are reading this, you’ve had this fear. It comes every two, three, four or six months or at any other frequency that your employer deems fit.

Performance reviews are to an employee what customer reviews…

Nuggets of wisdom that can help you curb your ego and transform your life

I recently read Ryan Holiday’s ‘Ego is the Enemy’ and was blown away.

The book made me stop, re-read, highlight, take notes, think, question…basically all the ingredients of a stimulating read.

As I compiled my notes, I thought why not share this wisdom with others? These are big ideas scouted…

I hope you stay the better person you have become

I had heard enough about transformative moments emanating from confinement and solitude. For instance-

Malcolm X went from ‘criminal’ to ‘social activist’owing to the many hours spent in the prison library.

Victor Frankl developed his theories about meaning and suffering during his ordeal in Nazi concentration camps.

On strict bed…

Lessons in balancing the speed and quality of expansion

As a strategy consultant, I get exposed to a wide variety of organizational problems. Over time, I observed a trend in problems that startups face due to rapid expansion into multiple geographies/markets.

The hiring engine fires on all cylinders to match the rambunctious top-line targets, resulting in unprecedented attrition due…

Ananya Agarwal

Strategy consultant, Bain & Company, I like writing about making companies and individuals better versions of themselves

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