I recently read The Pragmatic Programmer — By Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas. The book introduced me to the Stone Soup story which is as follows.

Stone Soup🍜
The three soldiers returning home from war were hungry. When they saw the village ahead their spirits lifted — they were sure the villagers would give them a meal. But when they got there, they found the doors locked and the windows closed. After many years of war, the villagers were short of food, and hoarded what they had. Undeterred, the soldiers boiled a pot of water and carefully placed three stones into it. The amazed villagers came out to watch. “This is stone soup,” the soldiers explained. “Is that all you put in it?” asked the villagers. “Absolutely — although some say it tastes even better with a few carrots….” A villager ran off, returning in no time with a basket of carrots from his hoard. A couple of minutes later, the villagers again asked “Is that it?” “Well,” said the soldiers, “a couple of potatoes give it body.” Off ran another villager. …

This blog post covers the second part of my learnings from the book 📖The Pragmatic Programmer — By Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas.
Find the first part here.


1. Early adopter/fast adapter 🎐
You have an instinct for technologies and techniques, and you love trying things out. When given something new, you can grasp it quickly and integrate it with the rest of your knowledge. Your confidence is born of experience.👵🏻

I feel the more we participate in hackathons, the more we will be able to get closer to achieving this. …

I recently read📖 The Pragmatic Programmer — By Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas and this blog post is a summary🗞 of the learnings from the book and how I interpreted those learnings🎏.

1. Care About Your Craft 🤗
There is no point in developing software unless you care about doing it well.

I have been preaching “build solutions for problems you can relate to”🛠. We can’t really build a solution to a problem which is not ours. …

Ananya Agrawal

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