Designer Floral Collection

Created with an original purpose to keep people cool, fans are an interesting piece of décor in people’s home today, and one that is increasingly gaining popularity in the interior décor space.
A lot of Interior Designers cringe at the mention of a ‘Ceiling Fan’, as most often fans compromise on the aesthetics of a room. Installing ceiling fans is often thought of as a design suicide. Not anymore. With the rise in popularity of Designer Fans that adorn people’s homes, Fans can be used to make quite a style statement.
Fans have now become a sculptural work of Art. They are now available in unconventional shapes, designs and styles. A lot of thought process goes into carefully choosing them to match the aesthetics of the room. Fans with LED Lights, Reversible blades, Retractable blades, Pull Chain and Remote control options, are some of the recent innovative features in the product.
At a functional level, what distinguishes fans from one other is their quality, level of breeze delivered, energy efficiency and the safety aspect. Features that customers are giving importance to include the design, multi-functional utility, finish and style, among others.
The floral collection of designer fans from Fanzart are charming, cheerful and charismatic in its imagery. Inspired by nature and fostered by technology, these winner models fulfil both functional as well as aesthetic roles with ease.
Some of the models in this floral collection comprises of –

1. Poppy

Poppy, a prodigious performer is the true manifestation of loftier aerofoil structure and improved aerodynamics. Meet Poppy — the realisation of an un-expectable fusion of roundness and edginess.

2. Daizy

Plucked from a field of tacit novelty, with a debonair fragrance about it, Daizy aims to sweeten the flavour of your room. Whats more, the matt white creation glimmers with LED.

3. Gloria

With a distinct dauntless design, Gloria dramatically enhances the sophisticated deistic aura of any living space. The iron finished housing adorned with the blossom endow Gloria the combination of demureness and mightiness.

4. Iriz

Iriz is diligently neoteric with a subtle feminine touch to it. This stunning symbolic 5 — bladed fan is matchlessly chic and has cutting edge technology crafted in its design. And the best part, this rich coffee coloured model is also conveniently remote controlled.