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Yelahanka, Bangalore

Urban city sprawl, they call it, miles and miles of offshoots of a once great systematic plan

Meant to structure and ease and separate and gently/ungently nudge — push — those deemed not gentle enough

So you start with that, big roads, big heads, large buildings — the built, nascent grand urban city

But then it wakes, slowly, pulled shoulders, taut back, it crawls

Inching wider, wider, a low deep rumble, a siren call

Pulling closer, pushing against until finally it’s constant roadwork on NH-5 and streets that were never meant to exist

or breathe

or sustain

Oh you have the urban city malls and city town halls and governors and policies who talk talks move hands and say WE’LL TAKE AWAY YOUR…

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(As someone with 0 Experience)

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Thank you for that starting hook-line, TV Tropes

It’s not for nothing that she moved in shadows, away from the sound, the light, the walkers. And we use the word moving because no other adjective exists in our language to describe how her physical form displaced itself from one geolocation and settled into another.

So, we shall say that she moved, in the shadows, in that world that humans think they inhabit but never come to fully own.

In the shadowlands there is memory and rememberance. To move within the shadows you have to dwell in the past. …

Ananyaa Ravi

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