Far from the Polluted Places

Looking to run away from the gas chambers that our cities become at this point of time of the year? Well, here are 2 places you can travel to breathe easy… #3

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Karsog Valley

KARSOG- dotted with ancient temples and fertile farmlands.

Karsog is a small town situated in the lap of the Himalayas, near Shimla.
A little spice of history- The story of Karsog is as old as time, the name itself comes from the words ‘kar’ and ‘shok’ meaning ‘daily mourning’. The myth from the Mahabharata goes that the village was terrorized by a rakshasa who ate a villager every day causing daily mourning. But during the exile of the Pandavas, Bhima saved the village from the rakshasa by offering himself.

Dreaming of lying down on a hammock and plucking juicy apples straight off a tree? Karsog fulfills your wishes.

Adventures awaiting-

  1. Trekking and Hiking- the hills are full of deodar and pine trees which make trekking all the more enjoyable. The trails open at many points offering picturesque views of the entire valley.
  2. Temple Hopping- The Karsog Valley has special religious and mythological significance. Some of the popular temples in the region are Chandika Devi Temple, Mamleshwar Temple, Mahunag Temple, and Kamaksha Devi Temple.
  3. Village walks- You can strike up a conversation with the locals and just explore the lanes of the village and the Karsog market. You will find the laidback rhythm of the village appealing, far away from the bustle of the city.
  4. Apple Picking- its specialty is the apple orchards which fruit between June and July. It is the perfect season to come with the entire family and indulge in some fun.

5. Relaxing!- One of the best things to do in Karsog Valley — Nothing!! The Karsog region is one of breathtaking beauty, it is blessed with the abundance of nature, and one cannot help but just awed by the destination.

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NALDEHRA- a green and serene hamlet near Shimla.

Outskirts of Shimla are the places that separate visitors from explorers. Naldehra is everything that Simla is not — serene, green, and ever so fascinating. Naldehra resembles a painting on a canvas. This tiny pristine destination derives its name from the words, Nag and Dehra which when combined literally translates to ‘The Abode of the King of Snakes’.

Adventures awaiting-

  1. Pilgrimages- Sometimes all one desires is to let their hair down, pray, and seek blessings of the divine. Himachal Pradesh is a deified land of god’s saints, preachers, devotees, and goddesses.

2. Wildlife- Explore 77 species of mammals, 463 species of birds, 436 aquatic fauna, and much much more!

3. Lakes- Lakes of Himachal Pradesh are glossy, reflective, shimmering, and even dotted with flowers on the shoreline. Altogether there are more than 25 lakes and reservoirs in Himachal.

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Keep discovering and exploring every moment as “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

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I’ll bring you the most exotic sites on this planet and perhaps leave you yearning to travel and explore!

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