I was running as fast as I could away from my ‘feminine,’ which I considered weak.

When I got married I had zero relationship skills. I was an atheist-leaning scientist; I had never taken a single class in psychology, emotions, or communication skills; and I adamant I would not be pigeonholed because of my female biology, so I walled it off inside of me.

Yet I…

It’s time we stopped blind devotion and educated ourselves on these dangers.

Since I came to ‘spiritual’ practice as an agnostic scientist who supports queer and women’s rights, and with no experience dealing with spiritual leaders and communities, I came with a great deal of skepticism.

I did not look to spiritual leaders as ‘god’ or ‘infallible’. I tried to understand how…

Ananya Harvey, Ph.D.

Deep sex, wild love, & brilliant relationships. Scientist & Founder of Bliss Science | Online Tantra Coaching for Men (and nerds 🤓). www.ananyaharvey.com.

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