When Was The Last Time?


We are living in a world where everybody craves attention. We seek attention for everything we do. We have started living on other people’s terms. We spend our days carefully crafting content to get more views and drive traffic to our websites/blog. We spend so much time just to get that perfect picture to get more likes and comments. We constantly seek validation from others. 
In this competitive world, we are forgetting what it is do something just for yourself. 
When was the last time you did something for your own happiness?
When was the last time you did not think about leads and sales?
When was the last time you created something without thinking of getting traffic?

People are forgetting that hobbies are just meant to be hobbies. You don’t always have to form a business out of it. I have read so many articles and blog posts that deal with this topic of ‘converting your hobby into successful business’. This sounds tempting and yes it is BUT when you are turning your hobby into business somewhere you are losing your intense love for it. Then suddenly it’s more about business and leads and less about the joy and satisfaction it used to bring. I have seen so many people disappointed and stressed because they are unable to convert their hobbies into a business. They are trying so hard that in the process they are eventually forgetting that the hobby was supposed to bring joy and not stress. Now their brain starts relating that activity with anxiety and not pleasure. 
So if you are also having such thoughts then think about it again. You don’t have to necessarily do that unless you absolutely want to do it.
So it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to convert your hobby into a business. It’s absolutely all right if you are just doing it for yourself. Everything in life is not about profit and loss. Life is also about simple joy. Just don’t kill yourself for business!
We get ourselves so deep into work that we forget to do something apart from it. We have forgotten the importance of hobbies and doing something just for fun without thinking about any other obligations or consequences.

Do something that makes your soul happy- not for the paycheck, not for the clients but just for yourself.

Write just for yourself.
Paint just for yourself.
Create just for yourself.
When was the last time you really did something just for the simple joy of it?