The Art of Tidying Up the People in Your Life

How to apply the KonMari Method to people.

“Tidying Up” by Loso F. Perez

Marie Kondo changed my life. I didn’t know about her until her Netflix show, but once my husband put me onto her, there was no turning back. My husband and I move a lot. We are pretty nomadic which forces us to be minimalists. After reading Marie Kondo’s book, we realized we still had too much stuff. We cleaned out our closets. We reorganized the house. We thanked everything we had before donating it or throwing it away. We even sold things like old electronics, books, and clothes and made hundreds of dollars. We ended up with less baggage and more money in the bank. I call that a win-win.

The KonMari Method changed my perspective on the world. I became more grateful for the things I owned. I love the Shinto ideology behind the KonMari Method that says everything in your life should have a purpose and if it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore, thank it and let it go so it can serve a purpose somewhere else. Not only did I begin applying this ideology to my things, but I began applying this to the people in my life as well.

I am a self-employed writer and my husband is a self-employed artist. Our creative work and atypical lifestyle don’t make sense to most people we know. Many people in our lives are critical of our career paths and lifestyle choices. Friends, family, and strangers, feel the need to share their disapproval with us or give us advice on how we should live. Unfortunately, we find ourselves getting along with fewer and fewer people.

At first, it upset me that I was losing more and more people from my life just for pursuing my dreams. But, once I began applying the KonMari Method to people, all that changed. I realized that everyone was in my life for a purpose. Their purpose could be providing a blessing or creating a challenge for me to grow from. When they were no longer adding anything positive to my life, or in some cases, actively adding negativity to my life, they were done serving their purpose. I folded them up in thirds until they formed a rectangle that could stand up on its own, thanked them, and let them go. I decided to only keep people around that “sparked joy.”

“Digital Tidying Up” by Loso F. Perez

I no longer felt bad about having fewer people in my life. By letting them go and keeping only those that sparked joy around me, I felt lighter and gained so much time, energy, and positivity.

Today, both my husband and I make sure to prioritize our peace. This has helped us grow our businesses, our spirituality, and our belief in ourselves. We are living our best life.

The people in your life should serve a purpose and spark joy. If they don’t serve their purpose anymore and/or spark joy, thank them and let them go so they can serve their purpose somewhere else. Sometimes you just have to KonMari people to the sidelines.


Loso F. Perez

Loso F. Perez is a cartoonist with a passion for teaching. You can see more of his work on and follow him on Instagram @prime_vice.