Who Cares?

The big mistake brands make in digital marketing.

Ananya Vahal
Dec 19, 2018 · 3 min read
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You find yourself putting out tons of content. You pour your heart into it. Blog after blog. Instagram post after Instagram post. But no one seems to care. No matter how much content you put out, you can’t seem to get likes from anyone other than your Mom. Sometimes not even from her.

Why is this happening?

The big mistake you could be making is not paying attention to what your audience is actually interested in.

Unfortunately, it isn’t enough just to put out content regularly. Yes, that is an important part of building your brand, but it just isn’t enough if you are trying to build clients or a social media following. You need to take a good look at the content you are putting out and think about why anyone that isn’t you would want to read it or engage with it.

Why do they care about your content? Why do they want to read your blog or like your Instagram post? What are you providing that will pull them away from their busy day and make them want to click on your post?

Take some time to reflect. Take some time to get out of your head and your own world that could be limiting your thought process. Look at things from the perspective of your audience.

This is how you can get more people to care about your content:

  1. Study the brands that interest you. Take notes on why you are drawn to those brands. What strategies are they using? What stories are they telling?
  2. Create a . You’re wasting your time and resources putting out content if you don’t know exactly who it is for. Once you have a buyer persona, tailor your content to appeal to that audience.
  3. Don’t be boring. Tell a compelling story that people who don’t know you will want to read. Remember: just because something is interesting to you, doesn’t mean it is interesting to everyone else.
  4. Provide value. Pull people in with an interesting story and keep them in with something that is valuable to them like useful information, a service, humor, or an emotional connection.
  5. Use your analytics. They will show you what your audience like and what they don’t care about. Your website has analytics. Make all your social media accounts business accounts so you can get the analytics features.
  6. Sell yourself. If you don’t have the confidence to sell yourself, why would anyone want to buy into you? If you don’t think you’re an expert at what you do, then no one will hire you.
  7. Don’t be sleazy. There is a difference between being confident and promoting your work and being sleazy and annoying by over-hyping yourself. Stop begging and pestering people to give you a chance. Make quality content. Let it speak for you.

Hopefully, these seven tips helped you see digital content creation in a new light. As I mentioned before, you are wasting your time and energy putting out tons of content if it isn’t interesting to your audience or it isn’t reaching the right audience.

I commend you on your hard work and consistency, now take it one step further with these seven tips to ensure your content is helping you build your brand.


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Carlos “Loso” F. Perez is a cartoonist with a passion for teaching. You can see more of his work on and follow him on Instagram .

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