Hey! I am very excited about Medium.

I have so many ideas in my mind I wish to discuss with you. So many changes and events happening in the world. We can view life in so many angles. It is certainly true that nothing or no one will ever be the centre of the world. It is my dream to have a blog in relation to contemporary art and my own experience. But today, I would like to discuss… Instagram.

Instagram is so dull nowadays, at least for me. I login and see the same and the same, repeated a thousand times, everybody is simply imitating everyone. I sometimes wonder… when I was a young girl I always longed to be my unique self, I find it so hard to achieve in a mass media culture. I am not saying there are amazing unique Instagram pages I like, some definitely speak a unique visual language. I truly admire those who enhance creativity and give something new.

In today’s blog I would like to ask, what’s happening in Social Media? Can Instagram affect our culture, aspirations and behaviour? Therein, a great conflict lies. Instagram has become to some of us an essential part of the day for distraction and gossip. What strikes me the most, is that most of the posts are homogenous. Everyone imitates everybody, where is the uniqueness in the self? The same background photo, same post, trips, styles, food, etc. It seems to me, that most of people give so high importance to material possesions, looking at other people lives. Each and one of us, is a reality show.

This theatre worries me, as I believe our existence is worth much more, our time is running out. Have we forgotten to love silence or pure dark? To observe our surroundings? To smile to the person next to you? To give others without an expectation of return?

Why we have this constant anxiety to observe others lives? To show what we do? We have a constant need of acceptance, so high that we undermine what we truly love or is good for us, we prefer to post something that the majority of people would like.

In some exaggerate cases, people wish to show everyyythiinggg they do all day! So exhausting, please give me a break! :)) Do these people truly enjoy their day? I dont think so. It is also fair to do so, but do you truly communicate something or is it just noise?

Our existence, is more valuable than all the material possessions in the world. Why are we so materialistic driven? So selfish and obssesed in our own reflection, when nobody cares? I am sorry for being so plain, but I truly wish social media apps to become more sincere. Or to at least teach something more profound, apart from fancy parties.

Images at least don’t demonstrate truths but just mere mirages of reality. I recall, the Atlas Group by the contemporary artist Walid Raad, he reproduces and repeats photographs of events that ocurred in Lebanon’s Civil War, mainly of course, war imagery: explosive cars, weapons and destroyed towns. I recall when I use to give guided tours to the public, some were curious, others simply rejected the collective. Maybe some wonder as to why these photographs and collages are considered art. As I attempt to explain them Walid’s intention, or have a simple discussion of what we observe? All the documentaries and archives can not express the real trauma and sadness felt by Lebanese society. It is so easy for us, as outsiders to observe and critique, even not care. We are in a different context and is hard for us to understand the sadness of a loss, an uncertain uneasy feeling, why? We need to connect and empathize further. This argument relates to what is happening to social media, in my humble opinion. We may admire some people in social media, but those posts aren’t the real truth. We humans have problems, we become sick, sad, nothing lasts forever. We only like to see the positive side of things, and thus we end up repeating the same, never learning. Next time you watch your acquaintance post in *Choose a place you like*, ponder and question if a real truth exists beyond what you can see or if it gives something meaningful to your existence.

There is so much going on. Seriously! There are endless archives on Instagram, is almost impossible for the human mind to enjoy or learn from. Has is happened to you, that nothing is shocking or interesting now? Nothing causes impression on us anymore. I could also be visual contamination. And lastly, who is the ultimate real viewer now? I really agree with art critic Boris Groys at this point. (Another topic for discussion). Images are a form of expression that doesn’t require words for explanation, but after thousands of images meaning is lost.

Goodnight. xx